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Ocean Magic Magnesium & Ormus


Ocean Magic is an inspired blend of our tried-and-true Magnesium Oil and the alchemical elixir called ORMUS.  Both components are ocean-derived and offer a broad spectrum of ocean minerals (80+) in a form that is easily bio-available (transdermally) to facilitate pain relief and clearing of skin conditions.

ORMUS elements are a very special state of matter that is not liquid, solid, gaseous, or plasma.  They are monatomic elements in a high spin state (m-state.)  They are thought to be super conductive and super fluid and they may benefit every living cell by improving energy flow.  Although they are not easily detected, they occur naturally in food and water, in our bodies and throughout the surface of the planet. They are believed to be a major factor in helping our body maintain homeostasis.
Our ORMUS may contain 80+ minerals in an ORME state . . . in particular, monatomic gold, silver, platinum, palladium, iridium, osmium, ruthenium and rhodium in addition to magnesium. ORMUS is known to affect the physical body and our subtle energy fields where physical challenges often originate.

Ingredients Condensed Seawater, (magnesium chloride), Distilled Water and ORMUS Precipitate

2 oz 60ml