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Miracle II Moisturizing Soap


This is the same formulation as Miracle II regular soap with the addition of Skin Moisturizing Lotion, consisting of Almond, Coconut Oil and Olive Oils, Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil and Vitamin E. Miracle II Moisturizing Soap is the perfect cornerstone for any skin and hair regime.

It is excellent for normal and dry skin and hair, gently cleansing impurities and toxins. The special moisturizers contain no synthetic oils, no animal fat or preservatives. It is biodegradable and naturally concentrated. Use it in the bath and shower.

In Addition:
When you order this soap, consider buying a foaming bottle, it's very convenient and makes your soap last longer! We recommend a dilution of 1 part Soap to 1 or 2 parts water.
Electrically engineered eloptic energized stabilized oxygenated water, Ash of Dedecyl solution, Dehydrabiethylamine [a safe substance that chemists cannot correctly identify, thus the reason for the misnomer – not to be confused with Dehydrobiethylamin], Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Foaming Agent, Cold pressed Avocado, Almond, Olive and Coconut Oils and Vitamin E.

22 oz 638ml

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