Essence of life Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Oil

 Essence of life Magnesium oil is an excellent way of absorbing more magnesium safely into your body, with no side effects. It is alsogreat for relieving sore, aching muscles, joints and stress.

Scientists have long known that magnesium is a critical player in cell metabolism, helping to transport other minerals across cell membranes and affecting cell mechanisms that control the activity of muscle and nerve cells. But as the scientists note, their research suggests that the cardiac muscle seems to be more sensitive to magnesium intake than skeletal muscle. Magnesium, a mineral that is naturally present in water and foods in varying amounts. The U.S. RDA for magnesium is about 320 mg per day for women and more than 400mg per day for men – yet studies show that most people regularly take in about half of that. And now, new research reveals that this lack of magnesium may put your heart – andyour health – at significant risk.
Research indicates that most people are lacking in magnesium and that many health issues are related to magnesium deficiency. Also, reduced levels of DHEA, known as the “youth hormone,” is also directly related to magnesium deficiency.


 Magnesium Chloride from sea water. Approx 4800mg of Magnesium Chloride per 10 ml. All natural sources. Also contains other much needed minerals and trace elements.


For transdermal magnesium supplementation and relief of aches, pain, soreness and stress, we recommend you put at least 30ml or more in the bath tub or foot bath and soak for a minimum of 20 minutes. For a De-Tox and more indulgent bath try adding a capful or 2 of the Miracle II Soap. We recommend soaking in your magnesium bath on a regular basis for best supplementation.

You can also rub Magnesium Oil onto your skin and into sore muscles. Again, for transdermal magnesium supplementation, we recommend daily usage. For sore muscles, aches, pain and stress, we recommend that you apply a moist heat compress after the magnesium oil and leave on for 20 minutes and repeat the process if necessary.

If you experience burning in sensitive areas, dilute with pure water.

Transdermal Magnesium is known to be the safest and easiest method for replenishing your magnesium levels for youth and health. Here are a few additional uses for our Vitel Magnesium Oil . . .

. . . massaged into arthritic joints often gives almost-instant relief from pain.

. . . applied onto sun-damaged skin regularly may begin to rejuvenate from the inside out and after a few months may be significantly restored.

. . . applied onto wrinkled skin may eventually begin to smooth out the wrinkles.

. . . applied and massaged into graying hair each evening and left on overnight may begin to restore natural hair color within weeks and stimulate the growth of hair and improve hair texture.

. . . massaged onto balding areas of the scalp may begin to induce the growth of new hair.

. . . sprayed into the mouth several times daily may stimulate the medulla oblongata and develop enamel on the teeth.

. . . massaged into fibromyalgia-type pain will often quickly provide relief.

. . . mixed into a hot bath with some vitel water will provide a very relaxing soak while delivering a substantial amount of magnesium to the cells.

. . . rubbed regularly onto age spots will often cause them to fade and virtually disappear.

. . . mixed with a little (high-quality) frankincense and myrrh oils and regularly rubbed into scar tissue will re-form into normal tissue.

. . . rubbed onto skin tags may cause them to eventually drop off.

. . . used in a bath or sprayed on after a shower will relieve stress.

. . .  may be used in a foot bath or even a hand bath if circumstances or conditions do not permit soaking in a tub, and the full benefits of a soak can still be experienced. In only 15 to 20 minutes, our magnesium-deficient bodies will extract all of the available magnesium.